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Zipcy (Seoul, Korea, Republic of) - Morning Smoking Girl, 2014     Drawings: Ink
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This is the kind of love poem
that cleans my name from between your thighs—
only to lay it back into your mouth gentle and inviting so that I might hear the sound of me from you again soon. Maybe broken, maybe croaked and vulnerable in the quiver of your descent but if I didn’t crack something inside of you between these sheets tonight then clearly I’m not finished yet. I’d like to say that this – this is all rust, all familiar, all been there before and stained-worn over time; but tell me, does it scare you as much as me to say that all I see when I see you is rain? All fresh; all foundation, nothing but tender against my cheek despite the cold. This, this isn’t the love poem that gets dirty, but stands with bare feet in the clinging mud after your dark, lust storm and says I’d love you so hard you’d grow from it. I am transparent for you, all sweaty palms and unlocked knees.

This isn’t the kind of love poem that knows temporary, this isn’t the type of love poem that takes you once and dresses itself up again; this is take me home to your parents and make love to me from across the room over childhood pictures, this is set our past, our broken on fire and slow-dance upon the ashes, this is: if my heart’s more resistant than my core when it comes to letting you in, knock the door down, break the glass in—I dare you, make a mess of me.

" — "This is the Only Love Poem I Know" -valentina thompson (via theseoverusedwords)

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i won’t forget you but i’m over you now2014
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Permalink | 3,163 notes "I want nothing more than to lay down with you right now, and feel your body close to mine. I want to whisper that I love you more than anything, and that I will love you, no matter what. I want to be looking into your eyes, and hold your hand, and drift off to sleep together like that." — Me, to you (via heartsworldsapart)

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